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Beer and Cheese

I have already written about the magical combination of beer and cheese many times, but for some reason I want to tell it again. Probably because both beer and cheese are simply unique in nature and can exist without each other. Together they give a magical palette of taste!

In order to fully enjoy the taste of beer and cheese it is advisable to follow a simple rule – the balance of taste, which is also true for the wine-cheese pairing. None of them should dominate. They should complement each other harmoniously, like a perfect married couple. The musical concept of counterpoint (simultaneous combination of two or more independent melodic voices), perfectly suits the combination of beer and cheese.

To begin, I want to share a few simple tips from cheese makers.

Don’t buy cheese in advance. Focus on what you can use within a week. Cheese needs special conditions for proper and long storage.

Do not store cheese in the freezer. The freezer is the nemesis of any cheese (and beer, too). It destroys its delicate texture, turning it into crystals. After the freezer, the taste of the cheese, in which the cheesemakers put a piece of their soul, irreversibly changes.

Serve the cheese at room temperature. In cheese, chilled in the fridge, the taste and flavor are like “falling asleep”, so it is recommended to take the cheese out of the fridge for half an hour before the meal. In this case, it is more fragrant, and its taste will be richer. At the same time, the cheese that has stayed too long at room temperature begins to “cry”. In the heat it releases moisture, dries out, and at the same time becomes excessively soft.

Serve the cheese on a board, preferably dark wood. Aesthetics play a very important role in enjoying the taste. Cheese on such a board, served on a weekend morning, will give your breakfast an aesthetic pleasure and the opportunity to more fully reveal the range of flavors.

Don’t slice the cheese in advance. Perhaps subconsciously you want to slice the cheese and arrange it nicely on the plate. After all, it will look so pretty along with a platter of fresh vegetables and vases of salads. You don’t have to! Just respect the cheese. Sliced cheese slices dry out very quickly, oxidize and change their original flavor. Serve the cheese to your meal in one piece on a board and place a special sharp knife next to it for slicing.

I have already written about serving. The right knife for slicing cheese will be one of the most important parts of a proper serving of your table. The main requirement for such knives is that they must be able to cut a small piece of hard cheese without crushing or crumbling it.

When choosing the order in which to serve different kinds of cheese, follow a simple rule: from the simple to the complex. Taste a small piece of each cheese before serving. Start with the most “calm and smooth” in taste. Gradually, in ascending steps, move on to the brighter varieties. Don’t shock your taste buds; let them get used to the taste.

Don’t forget about appearance. Remember, we begin “eating with our eyes,” and then we go on to taste and smell. When serving a triangular piece of cheese, place a square-shaped cheese next to it as well, of course, to suit your palate. And if you can add round shaped cheese as well, your cheese board will look very pretty and appealing.

One last tip, from me personally. As you taste the cheese, tune in with a positive attitude. In the preparation of each cheese, even the simplest, cheesemaker puts a piece of his soul. Try to feel the aura that surrounds this cheese. This will help you feel the full range of its magical flavor.


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