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Beer snack recipes

Fish with vegetables

Fish and beer

Beer and appetizers are a very big and interesting topic. Different countries have different traditions of combining original appetizers and beer. If you don’t have anything on hand, you can just take a piece of cheese. Sometimes you don’t want to bother and just want to have a cold beer at lunch. There’s always beer in the fridge (at least I hope so), so today I’m going to talk about a recipe of quick and easy lunch.

The peculiarity of this recipe is that I will not specify the quantity of ingredients. The type of fish is at your choice. It should be moderately fleshy (I don’t know if such an expression is appropriate for fish?) and with few, or better yet, no bones at all. I (or more correctly, my wife 😊) cooked this dish with salmon.


  • Fish fillets
  • Bell peppers of different colors
  • Tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Hot chilies
  • Cilantro
  • Olive oil
  • English pepper
  • Half a lemon

Preparation method:

Take a special pot for fish: not very deep, but wide. Place tomatoes cut into circles and peeled from their skins beforehand on the bottom of the pan. Place garlic cloves on the tomatoes (if small – whole, if large – cut in half). Remove the core from multi-colored bell peppers and cut it into strips. Add a few English peppers for aromatic flavor. If you want to spice it up, you can add sliced hot chilies. Add a small amount of olive oil. Cut the fish into portioned, arrange them, drizzle with freshly squeezed lemon juice and add some cilantro over them.

That’s it. Cover our pot with a lid and let it stew for an hour and a half, not forgetting to salt and pepper to taste.

While everything is cooking, you can sit by the TV, enjoying an aperitif – a light fruity beer with fresh goat cheese.

For such a meal I prefer a good fresh Carlsberg pilsner.

Carlsberg beer

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