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Hoppy Tel Aviv – summer beer festival

Beer festival 2024

It is said that during the Second World War, soldiers valued, most of all, not the capture of a fortified point, but the imperceptible manifestations of peaceful life. The urge to live is irresistible! Such moments are especially valued in Israel because war is almost a permanent here.

Now we have another war going on, people are dying, and at the same time, Tel Aviv is organizing another summer beer festival – Hoppy Tel Aviv. It will be held for two days, on the 3th and 4th of July, from 18:00 to 23:00 in the traditional beer festival venue at the old railway station.

According to tradition, the festival will be presenting beers from all over the world and, of course, Israeli craft beer. A small feature of this festival, of which the organizers are so proud: any beers presented at the festival must have not been sold in our country before. That is why Kobi Kremer, the festival’s organizer, has spent the last months constantly traveling in search of new beers. Local craft breweries also prepared for Hoppy Tel Aviv in advance – they brewed new beers and keep them secret until the last day.

According to Kobi, after the war started, some breweries cancelled contracts already signed and recalled containers of beer ready to be shipped: “We understand everything, but we want to stay out of this.” It is true that friends are known in trouble.

At the previous festival, following the trend (and I think also the personal taste of the organizer), popular sour beers prevailed, with few exceptions. This year, the organizers promised more variety.

List of breweries participating in the beer festival

Alefarm (DK)Magic Road (PL)Strange Companion (RO)
ALLIGATOR (IL)Moon Lark (PL)Suitcase Beer (IL)
Ārpus (LV)NEPO (PL)Temed (IL)
Bereta (RO)Oak And Ash (IL)Thornbridge (UK)
Blackout (RO)OneTwo (RO)Thrills (CZ)
FUERST WIACEK (DE)Oud Beersel (BE)Tomer (IL)
Genys (LT)Schneeeule (DE)Ultima (RO)
HeBrew (IL)Shevet (IL)Vault City (UK)
La Calavera (ES)Srigim (IL)Verhagehe (BE)

Each brewery must provide a minimum of two brands of beer. In fact, there will be considerably more beers.

At the last festival, it was as if a White Rabbit suddenly popped out of a magician’s black hat. I hope that this time we will have a lot of pleasant surprises!

Tickets can be purchased on the festival website.

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