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Saving Lives

For beer there are no borders, no religions, no language problems. Even the word “Beer” alone often makes people smile. These are all common truths, but sometimes beer helps save lives.

First, a little backstory. On the winter morning of February 4, 2021, 23-year-old Karin Ohayun was driving to work at an IDF base. On the way, she lost control of her car and was killed. During her lifetime, Karin signed a card from Israel’s Adi Transplant Center, expressing her desire to have her organs transplanted to others in the event of her death. The family’s decision to donate organs was therefore unanimous and without hesitation. After her death, her organs helped save the lives of 5 (!) patients waiting for a transplant.

During her lifetime, Karin Ohayon was a very lively person and a big beer drinker. This is why her parents approached Beer bazar to brew beer in support of Israel’s Adi Transplant Center.

A month ago, a presentation was made of a new beer from Beer bazar, exotically named Pineapple. It is a light pale ale containing 6% alcohol, with a slightly sweet taste and the addition of pineapple. Unfortunately, this event passed me by, so I’m writing about the taste of the beer by hearsay. But in this case, the taste and quality of beer – is not the main thing. The main thing – the purpose of the event. For this beer we ordered special corks with the logo of the Adi Center, and on the label was printed the story of a young girl who died, but managed to save the lives of five people. It was a beer that spoke about the value of human life and what each of us can do today.

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