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The timeless beauty of Stella Artois

Stella Artois

Revolutions regularly take place on our small planet. Some, organized by politicians, are usually followed by blood and broken life, others, caused by various discoveries of scientists, often bring people joy.

The scientists who bred new aromatic hop varieties in the second half of the 20th century contributed to a real beer revolution. Thanks to new brands of beer with unusual flavors, many people discovered this magical world for the first time. Unusual beers with passionfruit and grapefruit flavors and aromas appeared, and much, much more.

Moreover, all these exotica in beer were caused not by the addition of some fruit or other, but by the use of new, flavorful hop varieties. Suddenly, many new breweries producing unusual, very flavorful beer “grew up”. As a result, the ranks of fans of the beer drink were enlarge.

The beer revolution caused by new hop varieties also made life a lot easier for many novice brewers. A flavorful beer, with a bright, pleasant bitterness and high alcohol, like a beautiful blanket of hops cover all the brewer’s mistakes. Although it should be noted, brewing a well-balanced, flavorful beer is not easy.

On the background of all this storm of odors, lagers faded into the shadows. Many “beer drinkers” began to mention them with undisguised contempt. And in vain, because making a good lager among professional brewers has always been considered the top of the brewing art. In this regard, I often remember the words of a young brewer who said to me during the judging of the Israeli beer championship: “Rafi, I finally understood how complicated it is to brew a real lager with clean taste!”

Fashion comes and goes, but some values in our lives do not change. So good, old and always young Stella Artois beer, like a clear diamond, will always shimmer magically among bright, new-fashioned jewelry.

This beer has always impressed me with its “sense of proportion” in everything. It has a soft lemon color, just the right color, not faded, but not jarring to the eye either. A glass of Stella Artois beer is always decorated with snow-white cap of foam. It is it, together with crystal clarity and soft color, for some reason creates a feeling of some chastity and unprotectedness in a good sense of the word.

The aroma of this beer, with its freshness and some softness, for some reason brings back memories of my childhood. The intoxicating aroma of meadows, freshly cut grass and some carefree happiness that only happens in childhood.

A slight bitterness follows you all the time, unobtrusively, strictly and at the same time softly combining with the rich malt flavor. Perhaps this is the final touch that turns this beer into a true work of art!

This masterpiece has been in the making for centuries. First brewed in the fourteenth century, it was constantly polished until it reached perfection. I’ve always appreciated this wonderful beer, but yesterday, at a regular tasting in brewery, it was as if someone opened my eyes and I understood what a miracle Stella Artois is!

P.S. Beer has always been and is still a drink for people. It is even often something like us – so different, but always beautiful in its own way. People create families, and sometimes things don’t work out and they split up, but love still stays with them…

That’s what happened with Stella Artois – we haven’t been making this beer for a few years now, but I still love it as much as ever, it’s in my heart…

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