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Eduard Kont – beer painter

Beer in people’s souls. They drink it and enjoy its magical taste. They fight about it in pubs and at friends’ meetings, poets write songs about it, and artists paint it. Don’t smile, I didn’t misspell, painters draw it, and today I’m going to tell you about a real beer painter – Eduard Kont.

Eduard Cont started drawing at school and immediately… began to receive a bad grademarks in drawing – nobody believed that he drew it. Eduard had to draw in the presence of the teachers. But after that he became the school’s unofficial painter. Unfortunately, the carefree time of adolescence ends very quickly…

Eduard grew up at the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, where he was one of the first to go. After Afghanistan there was Armenia, destroyed by an earthquake, with people’s faces blackened with grief. Eduard came to this republic with his Afghan friends in December 1988….

Usually such experiences remove everything superficial from a person and leave the very essence of the person. Bad people become worse, embittered, and good people begin to look at the world differently, with some warmth and wisdom. Maybe that’s why the paintings of Eduard, who went through the horror of war, are distinguished by an extraordinary kindness, and they have a warmth about them…

Throughout the life of this remarkable painter runs another great love – the love of Beer. It is the main theme of many of his paintings. The faces depicted in these paintings directly light up. And it’s not surprising, because the love of beer is synonymous with goodness.

You can see wonderful pictures by Eduard Kont in our photo gallery.

The IsraBeer website contains only reproductions of Eduard Kont’s paintings, while originals can be purchased in art galleries:

Fine Art America    ArtPal    Saatchi Art


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