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The first Israeli beer news portal in Israel. Founded in 2008. All about beer, accessible and professional.

Articles about beer

Beer – tradition and modernity

That’s something we stopped arguing about a long time ago. Finding out who first brewed beer is as useless as finding out who first discovered the wheel. Some scientists even claim that beer has always existed. Archaeologists firmly claim that beer was first brewed in the Middle East several thousand years ago. We even have […]

Shikma Berries
Happiness in beer glass

Israel has been at war for months now. It has affected almost every family. Our brains are trying to protect us, to shield us from what is happening, because a normal person cannot even imagine the horror of what is happening, but it doesn’t always work… We are still afraid to hear in the morning […]

Refined happiness

For 72 years, Harvard University scientists have been conducting research to define the concept of happiness and finally summarized the results, reports the newspaper I am New York. The most striking thing is that in their conclusions they did not mention Beer or Beauty, concepts that are related to each other and are integral companions […]

Beer talking
Fun facts about beer

We all love beer, some more than others, some less. It is for those who treat beer as more than just a hangover cure that I am publishing this collection of beer facts. George Washington ran his own beer hall. A law in the city of Ames, Iowa, prohibited a man from going to bed […]

Mexican turkey chili for wheat beer

When one thinks about the nature of certain dishes, one never tires of marveling at the harmony with which they fit into the places from which they originated. However, with the development of the Internet, they are becoming popular in other countries as well. The famous Mexican dish chili, is a favorite not only in […]

Bitter Wheat
New Bitter Wheat beer

We are surrounded by stereotypes. Some of them were created by life, others by ourselves. We live our lives without noticing them and only think about them when they suddenly collapse or simply disappear, but first things first. We live in a hot eastern country, and in the East everything sweet was originally popular, over […]

Beer aromatherapy

Recently, I was read a short article about diacetyl preventing Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. I was very happy – I am familiar with diacetyl – I have been sniffing it regularly for 30 years, but the joy was premature, the reporters, as usual, got it all wrong, but let’s go through it in order. What […]

Beer Festival
Prague Beer Festival

Have you been to Prague in spring? – It is in spring that this ancient city full of secrets opens up after a cold winter. The streets and parks of Prague literally blossom with the arrival of spring. Spring is wonderful, but what is the Czech Republic without a good beer?!! It is at this […]


You have reached the first beer news portal in Israel in Russian. My name is Rafael Agaev and this is my private project.

I have been a professional brewer and beer taster for over a quarter of a century. I belong to that group of happy people for whom a hobby is also their main specialty.

On the IsraBeer website, you can find the latest beer news in Israel and around the world, learn about upcoming beer festivals and admire the photos in our beer gallery.

For those who are just getting acquainted with this wonderful drink, the Beer Primer has been created. You can read interesting analytical articles about beer, touch the history of brewing and read, watch or listen about your favorite brand of beer.

Beer lovers will be able to choose quick and tasty snacks for the weekend, choose the right beer for them, and much more…

If you want to get acquainted with all the materials of our site, and there have been a lot of them in recent years, then take a look at the Site Map. Our site not only tells about all the news happening in the world of beer. We also provide real assistance in carrying out practical activities.

I will be glad to read your feedback, wishes and suggestions, they can be sent through Contacts. Hope you enjoy it here. And, as they say, good beer to you, friends!