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The first Israeli beer news portal in Israel. Founded in 2008. All about beer, accessible and professional.

Articles about beer

Morning Joe
Breakfast Stout

What do you drink for breakfast? In the magical city of Baku, where I was born, one usually drinks aromatic tea for breakfast. Traditions are still strong there and most people stick to the saying, “You eat your breakfast yourself…” Living in Israel, I can’t do that. The most I can allow myself in the […]

Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada in Israel

War has been going in our country for almost a month now. It is impossible to get used to it and our brain tries to shield us from the grief and pain in which we have been living for the last month, as if it hides all this horror in a closed cocoon inside us, […]

Guinness logo
Guinness posters

Guinness, the most popular brand in the world, has always been characterized by aggressive (in a good sense of the word) marketing. When you first arrive in Ireland, you are usually struck by the fact that the whole country is literally painted in black and green colors. The word “Guinness” can be found literally at […]

War in Israel
War in our home

The people who visit my site know that I mostly write about Love, my love to beer. And now, almost a week, I can’t write a word about beer. Because there’s a war come to my home… It came early Saturday morning, when the whole country was celebrating the last day of the holiday of […]

Beck's Autonomous
Beer and AI

These projects have long been discussed among brewers, but something held them back. Perhaps they subconsciously realized that this would be one of their last bastions. We are talking about entrusting artificial intelligence to create Beer. AI, commonly referred to as “Artificial Intelligence”, has already burst into our lives. More and more companies at first […]

Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur 2023

One more year has passed. It has been different for everyone – a loved one has left us and a new family member has arrived. When one door closes, another opens, as they say. Today I want to write about what is happening to us. After living for a certain number of years, we begin […]

Beer culture

The term Beer itself includes different varieties, sometimes radically different from each other in taste, color and aroma.  Each of these varieties has its own fans, its own serving ritual and, of course, its own appetizer. Nevertheless, there is something that unites them – common rules of storage and consumption. It is about them that […]

Recipes from Slava: Halibut with tomatoes

Today’s recipe is simple, not to say primitive. We can make it ourselves, giving our halves a rest. So, here is a recipe for an easy to prepare, but tasty appetizer for beer – halibut with tomatoes. Ingredients: 2 fillets of halibut or flounder fish (Hebrew: (דג סול) 6 medium tomatoes 3 medium garlic cloves […]


You have reached the first beer news portal in Israel in Russian. My name is Rafael Agaev and this is my private project.

I have been a professional brewer and beer taster for over a quarter of a century. I belong to that group of happy people for whom a hobby is also their main specialty.

On the IsraBeer website, you can find the latest beer news in Israel and around the world, learn about upcoming beer festivals and admire the photos in our beer gallery.

For those who are just getting acquainted with this wonderful drink, the Beer Primer has been created. You can read interesting analytical articles about beer, touch the history of brewing and read, watch or listen about your favorite brand of beer.

Beer lovers will be able to choose quick and tasty snacks for the weekend, choose the right beer for them, and much more…

If you want to get acquainted with all the materials of our site, and there have been a lot of them in recent years, then take a look at the Site Map. Our site not only tells about all the news happening in the world of beer. We also provide real assistance in carrying out practical activities.

I will be glad to read your feedback, wishes and suggestions, they can be sent through Contacts. Hope you enjoy it here. And, as they say, good beer to you, friends!

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