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Prague Beer Festival

Beer Festival

Have you been to Prague in spring? – It is in spring that this ancient city full of secrets opens up after a cold winter. The streets and parks of Prague literally blossom with the arrival of spring. Spring is wonderful, but what is the Czech Republic without a good beer?!!

It is at this magical time, on Friday and Saturday, April 12 and 13, that the PRAGUE BEER FEST 2024 international beer festival will take place in Prague for the sixth time. This year 50 breweries from all over the world will take part in the festival, 30 of them from the Czech Republic. The list of participating breweries is available here.

You can now buy tickets for the festival online: a one-day ticket for 300 kroner (about $13) or a two-day ticket for 500 kroner (about $22). These are entrance tickets, and they come with a beer glass and a bracelet with an embedded chip. When you buy a ticket, you fill in the chip for the amount you want and each time, the chip embedded in the bracelet takes the cost of the beer you drank out of your “beer” money. If at the end of the evening you have not spent all the money, which is unlikely, the balance will be returned to you.

Unfortunately, it was on the second day of the festival that the one-day Grilled Meat Festival will be held in Prague. A really hard choice.

These are the nice spring events that will take place in Prague this year. Recommended!


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