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Refined happiness


For 72 years, Harvard University scientists have been conducting research to define the concept of happiness and finally summarized the results, reports the newspaper I am New York. The most striking thing is that in their conclusions they did not mention Beer or Beauty, concepts that are related to each other and are integral companions of a happy person.

Many educated, well-educated people with strong families and good social ties were interviewed. As required by the terms of the research, typical “average” Americans were interviewed. According to them, the feeling of happiness is added by a healthy lifestyle with a set of physical exercises, as well as the absence of bad habits and alcohol. Some kind of distillated happiness turns out…

I feel sorry for these people. After all, they are a product brought up by the mass media. A few years ago, all doctors were talking about the benefits of running, “running against old age”, “running against heart attack”, etc. Then suddenly they started talking about the harm of running and the benefits of walking, but none of these doctors, who recommend walking with a player and headphones, did not mention the sensations that a running person experiences – when there is no strength and the eyes become dark, but you have to run to prove to yourself that you are not just broken, when the struggle begins, which is probably the real happiness. And the “second breath” that opens after this most important victory over oneself is also a part of happiness, obtained with one’s own hands, not sent by mail by the social security service. However, the mass media recommend walking, not running, so this is modern happiness…

Moderation, a little bit of everything, is that happiness? Perhaps for a typical white-collar worker, but not for a person living a full life. I am not calling to follow the hero of Vladimir Orlov’s famous novel “The Altist Danilov” who had the phrase “Nothing is too much!” tattooed on his shoulder, but a life without pleasures cannot be called happiness.

Millions of people enjoy a drink that can be called one of the most beautiful on Earth. A beverage, the playful brightness of which and its thick snow-white foam can be endlessly admired and at the same time passionately desired to taste it. After all, a good beer, with its delicate hop aroma, can make you go crazy with pleasure! Just a beautiful glass of fogged beer can cause a person a real wave of happiness, stored in the secluded corners of our memory at the subconscious level. These feelings of joy and happiness have been passed down through generations for many thousands of years, they remain with us and are passed on to the next generation.

Each of us has tried to formulate the concept of happiness for ourselves at some age. And such attempts will probably always continue, and this post is about the fact that “refined” happiness is like synthetic food, in which everything is right, but for some reason it does not taste good… And about the fact that happiness is impossible without beauty and, of course, without good beer!

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