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In our crazy times, it is possible to fall into the vicious circle of “home-work-home-work-home-work” and stay there forever. There is one way to break out of it – to find a hobby. There is only one problem – hobbies are not chosen with a cold sober mind, they are chosen by our heart.

Passionate people can be identified by their gaze – their eyes give them away; they are never dull. Beer lovers occupy a special place among them. They are people who worship beer as a deity. For true beer lovers there are no state borders and language barriers.

They unite on forums, internet sites, there are even parties of “Beer Lovers”. At the table with mugs of foamy beer, quarrels are usually forgotten. You may like beer that is completely impersonal in someone’s opinion, but no one will dare to say a bad word to you. Everyone realizes that in a true beer lover, it is the heart that makes the choice.

Beer festivals are the place to meet these passionate people. They share their impressions of a wonderful brand of beer they have unexpectedly discovered, information about new pubs, and make appointments.

As a professional brewer with many years of experience, I am constantly amazed by the atmosphere of our meetings of like-minded people. I have never met such warmth and cordiality anywhere else. One woman often comes to our meetings: she, who almost never drinks beer, comes from the opposite end of the country just to plunge into this atmosphere and touch the miracle. She sits with us, often with a glass of wine, and enjoys the noisy but always kind arguments and the clinking of beer glasses. And then, as if at the command of an invisible organizer, suddenly everyone stops talking and shifts their beer glasses together and exclaims “Cheers!” (we in Israel say Lehаim – To Life!). And everything continues again…

You may not be a fan of this magical drink, but if you meet a noisy and cheerful group in a pub, don’t rush to judge them for their noise and loud toasts. Just try to feel, to touch this miracle. And maybe the heavens will favor you, and you too will love beer and join the true Beer Lovers. Lehаim!

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