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Beer Marathon in Sheffield

Пивной марафон

People are originally born with a sense of kindness inside them. Kindness to others is also mentioned in all religions. We want to do good, but… our crazy lifestyle doesn’t always give us the time to do it. Or maybe we just don’t think that way. After all, kindness is not always a transfer of money to various foundations. There are so many of them lately, and not all of them are clean on their hands. Sometimes you can just smile at a stranger or help him out of the bus.

English brewers from Sheffield went their own way. They decided to give people what they do best: give people beer. After all, beer and happiness have always been synonymous.

True North Brew Co and Heist Brew Co have organized a charity marathon, but not the usual beer marathon (not to be confused with the pub crawl)! The Beer Marathon, called the Sheffield Half Pint Marathon, is in its seventh year and is very popular with residents and visitors. For this event, both breweries brewed special beers: Run Free and Run Wild.

The essence of the Sheffield Half Pint Marathon is simple and attractive – you can start it at any of the 13 participating pubs. When you visit a pub and have a pint of “marathon beer,” you get a special sticker to put on your beer marathon card. On them, painter Will Rea depicts the pubs participating in the marathon. Participants can complete the marathon at their own pace, in a day, a week or even an entire month. After completing the marathon, runners will receive a letter telling them where and when they can get their marathon beer.

The money earned by the breweries will be donated to Sheffield Mind, a local charity. Turns out it’s not so hard to do good!

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