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My dream beer – Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

Chocolate Stout

In my job, I have to try different brands of beer quite often. Over the years, I’ve learned to put my emotions aside and judge a beer objectively. At least I thought so until I met Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. I tried it and fell in love like a boy.

Turns out this was it, the beer of my dreams. It is brewed according to the traditional recipe of imperial stouts. For those not in the know, an imperial stout is a strong beer that was brewed in the 18th century specifically for the Russian royal court. There are very few breweries left in the world that produce a true imperial stout.

Brooklyn Brewery generally stands a bit apart from the usual commercial breweries, even those producing good beer. They are one of the few breweries whose every brand you can buy with your eyes closed. And their limited batches, are really gifts to beer lovers.

However, back to our stout. The beer, which was brewed especially for Catherine the Great, is now only produced between October and March. It contains 10% alcohol and has a density of 24% (!). The high density smooths out all the sharp edges. The alcohol does not hit you in the head, but leaves a pleasant, filling warmth. The dark chocolate is already in the aroma, and the first sip emphasizes it even more. In the aftertaste you can feel notes of nuts and dried fruits, which complete the complex bouquet of this beer.

This beer goes great with strong cheeses, as well as chocolate desserts, cottage cheese cakes and ice cream.

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout is a beer you should try at least once in your life and I’m sure everyone will find something different in it.

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