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Chips from Stella Artois


Beer is loved by everyone, but it is drunk differently everywhere: somewhere with dried salted fish, somewhere with cheese, and somewhere with boiled peas and kutabs. In many countries, for example in Israel, beer is an attribute of a snack, it as if attached to a good meal. In England it used to be different – people sat in their village pubs and socialized over a pint of good ale, but even there the age-old traditions are changing. Communication has been successfully replaced by the telephone, and news can be found on TV. How do we get people back into pubs?

Belgian beer giant Stella Artois has launched its own line of beer chips. Smoky, salty and sweet flavors combine to give the chips the taste of smoked salt and black garlic. According to the makers, this snack goes perfectly with pale lager.

As reported by Daily mail, the pub industry in England still hasn’t recovered after the Covid-19 pandemic, and this promotion should support them. Jean-David Thumelaire, On-Trade Sales Director at Budweiser Brewing Group, said: “As the number one beer in the UK, we want to use the power of the Stella Artois brand to support pubs and bars”.

To get the new tasty chips, you have to buy two pints of Stella Artois in an English pub. “In doing so, we hope to drive consumers back into venues, encourage them to stay longer and boost rate of sale. We’ve worked tirelessly to create a packet of crisps that perfectly complements a chalice of Stella Artois and we’re confident they will be flying off the back bar” say marketers at the famous beer brand.

From IsraBeer: Black garlic is regular white garlic that has been subjected to a long heat treatment. It has five times more antioxidants than regular garlic, less sugar, more dietary fiber, and most importantly, it is completely free of the peculiar garlic smell.

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