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Beer and Health

Guinness beer improves hearing

It’s unfortunate to understand that over the years, our health gradually worsens. Of course, we can take care of ourselves, do sports, but time is inexorable.

One of the problems of older people, low levels of iron in the body. About 30% of the population suffers from iron anemia. Iron deficiency leads to various diseases, including hearing impairment. Pennsylvania State University studied over 300,000 people and found a connection between iron deficiency anemia (IDA) and hearing loss. Specifically, a deficiency of this mineral causes Sensorineural hearing loss.

Study author Kathleen Schiffer emphasizes the irrefutable link between iron in the blood and hearing loss. At the same time, she cautions against taking “iron” pills because of their high concentration of iron. These pills can cause almost irreversible damage within a short period of time. Research has shown that getting too much (almost 10 times higher than necessary) amount of iron in blood vessels can cause DNA damage, reports This is also confirmed by researchers at Imperial College London.

So what to do? Watch your diet. Regular consumption of green vegetables, brown rice and meat will help maintain our iron levels. Even though a pint of Guinness magic beer contains less than 3% of your daily iron intake, drinking a pint of Guinness daily can make a big difference in your health. Naturally, along with the “right” snack.

Because of the presence of antioxidant compounds similar to those found in some fruits and vegetables, this beer replaces aspirin when consumed regularly. In particular, a pint of Guinness a day prevents heart clots and slows down the deposition of harmful cholesterol in the blood. Of course, this all works only with regular exercise.

In summary, a short video about Guinness beer and true male friendship.

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