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Beer and Health

Gym with a beer hall

There is a lot of evidence that beer is healthful, and even the most ardent opponents of alcohol do not argue with this. But they immediately bring up another argument: beer makes you fat! I can’t disagree with that either. Stop!!!! Please! Don’t throw your boots at me, let me finish what I’m saying!

If you don’t do sports and regularly consume the magic drink in liters, where do the calories you pour into yourself go? Naturally, they change your waistline, and not for the better. The same thing will happen if you are a fan of good baking and do not know the measure. It’s just that no one cancelled the physical rules: incoming calories need to be burned by physical activity, otherwise they go into fat.

As always, the truth is in the middle: you have to exercise regularly and drink beer regularly. Of course, not by the liter, one bottle a day and preferably at lunch. No sane person will deny these rules. I can add from myself, if you sometimes get together with friends and “a little” exceed your daily rate, the disaster will not happen – positive emotions are no less necessary to our body than vitamins and antioxidants.

Wisconsin brewmaster Mike Zamzow thinks so too, which is why he opened two gyms right at his Bull Falls Brewery. One room offers yoga and the other offers intense cardio workouts (treadmills, exercise bikes, etc.). At the end of the workout everyone can go to the bar at the brewery and have a glass of fresh beer.

Mike Zamzow believes that post-fitness beer drinking will help newcomers get involved and not quit. “It’s not the same as going home quickly after a workout: some people end up not coming to the next class, feeling like no one wants them there. It’s different when you go straight from the gym to the bar, where you get to know everyone and find a support group. Scientific studies have already shown that positive pressure from peers is a good motivator to keep exercising.

I completely agree with Mike Zamzow, but we all know that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. So I’m afraid that all these drinks will turn into booze… In any case, I wish this endeavor success, because sports and beer are great!

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