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Non-alcoholic beer

There are many myths associated with this type of beer. About how it is made, and that “Real men would never drink to non-alcoholic beer!” My opinion is exactly the opposite. Personally, I think non-alcoholic beer is “The foundation of the country’s beer culture”. After all, only when we drink beer because of its taste rather than alcohol will we be able to say that we have a real beer country.

When do we drink beer? – At weekends, on vacation, after work, in our free time. Some people (like me) drink it while working, but there are not many lucky ones.

Why do we drink it? – Probably because we love it, because we are bewitched by its magical taste, because we feel a kinship on a genetic level. You don’t drink beer to get drunk, it’s not cost-effective.

Now I want to ask a question: Would you like to be able to drink beer EVERYWHERE and AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY? I think everyone would answer in the positive. That’s what non-alcoholic beer was created for. It was created for you and me. So that we could have a beer while on a road trip or on our lunch break at work. Just to enjoy the same familiar taste and stay completely sober.

The main objection of non-alcoholic beer opponents is that it tastes different. And this is usually said by those who haven’t even tried it themselves. Do a little experiment: get your friends together and let them try Obolon 0% or Baltika 0%. Wrap the bottle in foil and chill a little, I repeat: a little. Then pour it into glasses and, without warning, ask them to guess the brand.

Alternatively, chill a few different brands of 4.5% to 5.0% alcohol light lager and a bottle of non-alcoholic and ask to determine which one is non-alcoholic. The effect will be the same. Of course, it cannot be compared to strong or heavily hopped beers, but it can compete with ordinary, non-strong lagers in terms of flavor.

How is it brewed? The same way as ordinary beer, only the alcohol molecules are removed from the finished beer with the help of special filters. By the way, the same filters are used for blood purification during dialysis. But, as they say, better to see once than hear 10 times.

P.S. Now there are special beer yeasts that ferment beer and do not produce alcohol.

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