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Quadrupel from Katunin


Do you like receiving gifts? Personally, I do! And the other day I received a wonderful gift – beer brewed by Yura Katunin himself! A bottle of wonderful Quadrupel from Katunin brewed in Penza.

However, in order. Users of the beer runet know who Yuri Katunin is – the main popularizer of beer in Russia. A little less is known about Quadruple. It is the strongest and most intense type of Belgian beer. When brewing it, as well as when brewing Dubbel, several types of malt are used, among which there must be dark malt. And in the brewing process, for greater strength, sugar is added to the wort.

And so, a beer brewed by Yuri Katunin at the Konix brewery. Its name is original: Godverdomme, which translates from Danish as ” Damn it!” or something similar. The Russian name of the beer is no less original: “Kuzkin’s Mother”. On the label is a description from the author:

“Quadrupel, outrageous in its poise imbued with an outright rebellious spirit – the result of a collaboration between KONIX Brewery and the CRAFT BREW RIOTS project, smooth and noble, full-bodied and moderately dry, teeming with hints of dried fruit, milk chocolate and coriander.” Contains 12% alcohol and as much as 25(!)% density. Intriguing!

However, closer to the point (the beer). The beer is very dark brown in color. The foam is not high, quickly collapses. The beer is very thick – 25% density. The flavor is not revealed immediately. Literally one step at a time. Alcohol, dried fruit, milk chocolate. That’s the sequence. In the flavor you can feel alcohol, but somehow softly, not sharply. The word smooth is very suitable for this beer. It is soft and smooth. The aftertaste is long, creamy, disappearing gradually…

Очень серьёзное пиво, не для утоления жажды, а для вдумчивой дегустации. Закусывал я его хорошим датским голубым сыром. Они идеально дополнили друг друга. Так и захотелось воскликнуть: «Чёрт возьми, хорошо-то как!»

Вот такое чудесное пиво из далёкого Санкт-Петербурга продегустировал я сегодня.

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