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The Irish are voting for beer!

Irish pub

The upper limit of blood alcohol content for Irish drivers is 0.8 ppm, one of the highest in Europe. However, the Irish authorities refuse to lower it on the grounds of concern for the mental health of drivers.

Many experts have long suggested that the country’s parliament reduce this norm at least to the level of 0.5 ppm (in Russia, let us remind you, the permissible norm of alcohol in the blood is 0.3 ppm, in Israel – 0.24). However, Irish MPs all as one voted against it, according to the website.

It turns out that 0.5 ppm will no longer allow drivers to drink their “legal” pint (a little over 0.5 liters) of dark beer in a bar after work. And, they say, this will only lead to an increase in the number of accidents, as beer for many Irishmen is… a sedative that helps relieve stress after a day’s work. Real men, those Irish!

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