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Beer and advertising

With all the popularity and democracy of this drink, not many people really understand what is beer. Most people just enjoy beer without thinking about the details.

It is enough that the beer meets certain minimum requirements, the rest is the work of the sales department, not to mention unique brands that taste better than any advertising. In this article we will talk about “ordinary” beer, of which there are quite a lot on the market.

Advertising surrounds us all the time. Soccer matches and stadiums have the most favorable audience, the main mass of which are fans who are heated up by the game of football.

There are advertising aimed at specific groups of people. There is a special advertisement for a beer intended for women, which is designed accordingly. The advertisement for the light Danish beer Tuborg Green is linked to music and youth parties: Move to the party!

Every evening we see beer on TV. And even though the commercials show tea instead of beer, and the unusually beautiful foam is produced with washing powder, no one thinks about it. The main thing is that the brand chosen for us appears on the screen every day, gradually turning into “our” beer.

Advertising slogans also play a special role in brand promotion. A slogan is an advertising message, that addresses the consumer in a short phrase. It should convey the idea that the company wants to convey to its customers.

Different countries may use different slogans. Often, they are “personal” and accentuate the exact feature of the product that they want to convey to us – Baltika: Beer brewed for you!

For example, Guinness positions itself as a beer that gives strength and health: Guinness – Gives You Strength.

Some companies base their advertising on patriotism: Foster’s: He who thinks Australian, drinks Australian! Molson: I am Canadian! Staropramen: Get A Taste of Prague. 

Some advertising agencies go another way. They present their brand as something special that speaks for itself and needs no commentary:

Stella Artois: Perfection is priceless.

Bavaria: Bavaria-That says it all!

Warsteiner: Warsteiner, the rest doesn’t matter!

Heineken: It can only be Heineken!

Everyone goes his own way, but the goal is the same: to make customers believe that this is their beer. Of course, there are breweries that don’t have a massive advertising campaign. They win the hearts of their customers with their Beer, not with their advertising. Such beer is priced accordingly. However, for all its merits, without good advertising it will remain known only in a small circle of beer lovers and will not gain nationwide popularity.

In summary, I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite beer slogans:

Königsberg: Time-tested.

Grolsch: One day you’ll stop drinking just beer and start drinking Grolsch!

Kronenbourg 1664: Five senses. One beer.

Efes Pilsner: Open Efes. Know yourself.

Holsten: Nothing too much!

Paulaner: Good, better, Paulaner!

Guinness: Guinness is Good for You!

Guinness: Out of the darkness comes light!

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