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The first Israeli beer news portal in Israel. Founded in 2008. All about beer, accessible and professional.

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Beer horoscope


The longer we live, the more we begin to understand that not everything in our lives is dependent from us. Doctors are finally accepting that 80% of diseases are hereditary, and they can often only stop, not cure, the most main diseases.

Even without doctors we understand that fate often changes our carefully planned life in an instant. Someone is ready to accept it, someone tries to deduce the regularity of everything that happens, and someone every morning reads the horoscope and follows its instructions.

Beer lovers do not torment themselves with doubt and deep analysis, they consider themselves happy people, and rightly so! After all, it is not without reason that it is said: “Beer is the best proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Nevertheless, they read horoscopes, especially those published in the newspaper in which the dried saltfish is wrapped.

Aries 21.03-20.04

Aries’ impulsiveness and impetuousness is conveyed by the type of beer they prefer. It is the Scottish IPA from BrewDog Brewery that matches their rebellious spirit. The brightness, strength and incredible bitterness will send anyone into a knockout. Anyone, but not Aries with Scottish roots.


Taurus 21.04-20.05

Taurus’s grounded and conservative nature is characteristic of its beer. Of all the options available, Taurus sticks to the classic Carlsberg-a. It is his favorite brand of beer. Taurus lovers of food often choose “hearty” beer, a bottle of which can replace a full meal. For this reason, they prefer Belgian monastery ales for dinner


Gemini 21.05-21.06

Sociable Gemini, both in life and in the choice of beer cannot stop at anything specific. They flutter and glow with Belgian wheat beer with a salad of fresh vegetables and oranges. Another mood swing can throw them into the garnet-black abyss of Guinness or make them ponder the meaning of life with a glass of Golden Dragon. Fickleness in life and in beer.


Cancer 22.06-22.07.

For Cancer authority is only that which has passed the test of time. A couple or three hundred years is more or less acceptable for Cancer. That is why he prefers aged Belgian ales and imperial stouts.


Leo 23.07-23.08

Lions and in this matter could not do without luxury. If there is a choice, the Lion will take the most expensive. So that, God forbid, not to think as if he could not afford it. His choice is an elite Danish beer Carlsberg Jacobsen, which can be tasted in a good restaurant. Sometimes, however, when no one can see, he enjoys a fresh Tuborg Red, a beer that makes you forget about age.


Virgo 24.08-23.09

Virgo, who are extremely health-conscious, go on diets and do not poison their bodies with alcohol, they often choose non-alcoholic beer. Sometimes they go “all out” and order Somersby apple cider and crème brûlée. And don’t tell them that there is a lot of sugar in it, they won’t hear you anyway…


Libra 24.09-23.10

The Libra aesthetes in life try to stick to the golden mean. This is why they love classic beers. They prefer beer from the world’s oldest brewery, Weihenstephaner, reasonably considering that in almost a thousand years of history this beer has become almost perfect!


Scorpio 24.10-22.11

Scorpios often make a gloomy impression. Probably because they prefer bitter beers. Often, they choose the beer of the English brewery Wychwood. English witches love this beer, and they are painted on the labels. I’m not talking about the flavor…


Sagittarius 23.11-21.12

The broad nature of Sagittarius is unlikely to be limited to a simple bottle, even if two-liter. Here you need a barrel. It is Sagittarius can often be found in pubs, for a mug of men’s beer Gold Star. Mug after mug, until the pub closes…


Capricorn 22.12-20.01

Capricorns are goal-oriented and serious people. They don’t do anything for nothing. And they choose serious beer, such as a strong Belgian ale Leffe Brune. Sometimes they change it to Leffe Blonde. Probably because it’s the perfect beer for the cold January weather.


Aquarius 21.01-20.02

No one steps through life as easily and carefree as Aquarius. In addition, Aquarius is considered the greatest original in the Zodiac. His beer, is as light as he is. Aquarians usually prefer a flavorful and delicate Stella Artois. Or, as brewers lovingly call it among themselves – Stelochka.


Pisces 21.02-20.03

Soft and subtle Pisces do not like sharp and strong sensations. But at the same time, you cannot say that they like watery varieties of beer. And they have never been teetotalers. And what they have left is the best – classic German pilsner Bitburger and German ale Riegele ARTOR 20. The other zodiac signs can only envy them.



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