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Tuborg Red – the keys to success

There are thousands of different brands of beer in the world, but only a few of them are really known and popular. What is the secret? – It’s the teamwork!

It was the teamwork that made Israeli Tuborg Red the most popular beer in the country. I have already written about the beginning of the ascent to the top of success. The foundation was laid by the chief technologist department – a really interesting beer with a rich taste was created.

This was followed by a powerful advertising campaign, after which even non-drinkers wanted to try the renewed beer. New labels, new design of crates and beer boxes. By the way, has anyone ever wondered what the unusual shape of this label stands for? – This is exactly what beer yeast looks like under a microscope.

The creation of a new recipe, a beautiful design, a successful advertising campaign – all these are one-time actions. The most difficult thing is to stay on top of the success. This requires daily and meticulous observance of the smallest details in beer production. If the fermentation tank is not prepared in time, the wort is left in the brewing tank for 20 minutes – the beer already changes its taste for the worse. Failure to maintain fermentation temperature or back pressure in the fermentation tank – the yeast gets stressed (yes, yes, don’t smile, stressed) and changes the taste of the beer. These and other “little things” affect the final taste of the beer.

There are just as many hidden pitfalls in the bottling plant as there are in the bottling plant. It is impossible to achieve all this from under a stick. People’s consciousness and their approach to work must change. This is the hardest part!

But let’s go back to our beer. Recently, the marketers added another touch to Tuborg Red’s triumphal procession: a new, unusual bottle. It has a special “landing” place for the label in the shape of yeast engraved on it. It looks very cool! And the most important thing – the 0.5 liter bottle of Tuborg Red is now brown, and it protects the beer from light even better.

Good luck to you, Tuborg Red!


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