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Beer and Health

Beer strengthens your blood vessels

Beer and Heart

The University of Harokopio in Athens has concluded that beer is healthy for the blood vessels of the heart, according to the news site The Daily Mail. This was not a discovery for beer lovers, but it’s still nice!

Scientists have proven that drinking a pint (about 0.5 liters) improves the elasticity of blood vessels in the heart. What is most interesting is that a similar effect is not observed when drinking non-alcoholic beer.

These studies once again confirmed the conclusions of earlier studies, which reported that moderate beer consumption protects against the development of heart disease. A number of them showed that it is possible to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by 30% by drinking one 0.5 beer a day.

Athen’s scientists tested blood flow, vascular elasticity and other parameters of the heart’s circulatory system, in particular endothelial function, within an hour or two after drinking about 0.5 liters of beer. The same test was performed with non-alcoholic beer and vodka (vodka was given less 😊).

Improvements were observed after ingestion of all three drinks, but were significantly different for the better after regular beer. The researchers concluded that the combination of alcohol and antioxidants in beer may be crucial for the health effects of the drink.

The article also points out that the main causes of cardiovascular disease continue to be unhealthy lifestyles, namely excessive consumption of fatty foods, sedentary behavior and smoking. It was also emphasized that while excessive alcohol consumption is thought to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, moderate beer consumption, on the contrary, has a protective effect.

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