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Beer and Health

Beer and Heart

Beer and Heart

Beer… How many myths and tall tales are associated with this wonderful drink! It is not harmful, you can become an alcoholic, it makes you fat, and it can turn you into a woman. They have existed since those ancient times at the dawn of mankind, when people themselves created myths and believed in them.

These are myths, and scientists do not believe in myths and conduct their own, serious research with the help of statistics and instruments. Usually, they proudly inform the world about the next discovery related to the usefulness of beer. And they don’t notice that true beer drinkers have long since come to these “discoveries” themselves. Or maybe, on the contrary, it is the age-old experience of beer lovers that gives them the subject for their next research.

So Italian scientists from the Mediterranean Neurological Institute in the city of Pozzilli, came to the conclusion that regular consumption of beer in small quantities reduces the risk of heart and vascular disease by as much as 25%! The article about this discovery was published in the journal Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases.

Like other researchers, Italian scientists recommend that women drink 0.3 liters a day, and men – 0.5 liters. From myself I would like to add, preferably with meals. These conclusions were made after analyzing the health of more than 1500 men and women studied.

The beneficial effect of beer on the cardiovascular system is due to the various phenolic compounds, minerals and, of course, antioxidants it contains. They also help to prevent osteoporosis, strengthen our blood vessels and promote longevity. Of course, all this happens with regular but moderate beer consumption.

As the saying goes, drink beer and you’ll have a long and healthy life!

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