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The first Israeli beer news portal in Israel. Founded in 2008. All about beer, accessible and professional.

A bit of history

First anniversary beer

Tuborg 6.0

The Israeli Carlsberg brewery (now part of the CBC GROUP), which produces licensed Danish Carlsberg and Tuborg beers, is small in size, producing only about 400,000 hectoliters of beer per year.

In the beginning, the brewery brewed only licensed brands of Carlsberg and Tuborg. Then the brewery developed a recipe for non-alcoholic Malty beer. One of the problems of producing beer under license is the lack of possibility to change the recipe. Nevertheless, in the brewery was constantly thinking about improvements, trying to make things better.

In 2014, one of the main brands of Tuborg beer was completely changed – a new beer Tuborg Red was created, which is still produced today. Then there were other developments: light summer Holsten, which, like other brands, was created in the brewery development laboratory, the famous Tuborg Blue and Tuborg Black (it received the “Outstanding Beer” diploma in its category), the fantastic lager Carlsberg Luma… All these beer brands were created by brewers of the Israeli Carlsberg, but we old-timers especially remember our first development – the beer created for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel – Tuborg 6.0.

Tuborg 6.0

It was brewed in May 2008 in a small batch of only 200 0.75-liter bottles. This beer contained 6.0% alcohol and was brewed from a blend of 3 types of malt: Pilsner, Cristal and Black with selected Bavarian Hallertau hops. The result was a well-balanced beer with a clear malt flavor and a pleasant aroma of classic hops. Everyone who was lucky enough to taste it noted a very pleasant feeling of roundness in the flavor, clearly delineated by a delicate hop bitterness.

Since then, 15 years have passed… Only collectors remember this beer, but the impression of the first new beer developed and created by us is still in our hearts.

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