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Brewery in the heart of Golan

Golan Brewery

The north of Israel always fascinates travelers with mountains covered with forests and lakes with crystal clear water. These places have always been considered a paradise for winemakers. Wineries in the Golan can be found at every turn, but a few years ago the Golan Brewery opened in these beautiful places, which from the very first days gained extraordinary popularity among Israelis and guests of our country.

Golan Brewery is located in the ancient town of Katzrin, above Lake Kinneret. Given the specifics of this tourist area, the brewery immediately opened a good restaurant where you can enjoy great meat with freshly brewed beer.

This small brewery is located in a large shopping center next to a magnificent park. Visitors to Katzrin can combine several pleasures at once: ritual shopping in the shopping center, strolling in the shady park and finishing a pleasant evening in an excellent restaurant with fresh beer.

At the entrance to the brewery, you are greeted by a colorful panel that immediately sets the mood for your visit, while a small museum composition only emphasizes the unbreakable connection between the brewers of Golan and the traditions of German brewing.

The brewery produces 4 main brands of beer, but let’s start in order:

Beer A-Emek (translated as Beer of the Valley) is a light lager of light-yellow color. It is a pilsner-type beer, moderately aromatic, with a good hop aftertaste. Lightness and unusually pleasant flavor are achieved by successful selection of different malt varieties. Contains 4.8% alcohol.

Beer A-Golan (translates to Beer of the Golan Heights) is a gorgeous brownish red colored lager. Perfectly balanced, it has a clear pleasant feeling of the “body” of the beer. The rich malt flavor complements the pleasant hop aroma well. Contains 5.4% alcohol. In my opinion – this is the most delicious beer of this brewery.

Beer A-Galil (translates to Beer of Galilee) is a very pleasant wheat beer. It is brewed using barley and wheat malt.  It has a slightly sour taste and a pleasant odor typical of this beer. This beer is becoming increasingly popular in our hot climate. It goes well with the trout for which these places are so famous. This very pleasant tasting beer contains 5.0% alcohol.

Beer A-Bazelet is a good strong beer of the double-bock type, named after the basalt rocks that make up the Golan Heights. The implication is that it is as strong as the basalt rocks. The beer is brown in color and dense. The high alcohol can be clearly felt. It has a rich bouquet of flavors. This is not the kind of beer that can be thoughtlessly quenched. It should be savored, listening to your sensations. It is a decent beer, but it is for the amateur. It contains 7.8% alcohol. I’m not going to praise the brewery in Katzrin – their beer speaks for itself. I just want to suggest that if you want to enjoy a good unfiltered beer brewed in front of your eyes, try the Golan brewery.

Golan beer

Latest news: A few years ago, this wonderful brewery was acquired by a winery with the same name. The entire line of beers was rebranded. Now this brewery produces four brands of beer:

Bazelet Pilsner – light lager. Alcohol content 4.9%, 27 units of bitterness.

Bazelet Amber Ale – a secondary fermentation ale with 6.4% alcohol content and 22 units of bitterness.

Bazelet Double Bock is a strong dark lager, containing 8% alcohol and 20 units of bitterness.

Bazelet Wheat – a Bavarian style wheat beer containing 5.1% alcohol and 17 bitterness units

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