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Happiness in beer glass

Shikma Berries

Israel has been at war for months now. It has affected almost every family. Our brains are trying to protect us, to shield us from what is happening, because a normal person cannot even imagine the horror of what is happening, but it doesn’t always work… We are still afraid to hear in the morning news the ominous phrase: “Authorized for publication…”, which means that someone else has died… And the world is again painted in an а black color… And we want to shout wildly, with our heads raised: “What are you doing to us, God?! How long?!”

Of course, Israel’s Carlsberg, or more precisely its subsidiary craft brewery Shikma, could not stay away. А few times we produced small batches of beer for the families and friends of fallen soldiers. It was not written about anywhere; we just considered it unethical. Then there was Revival beer – the money from its sales went towards rebuilding the war-torn South.

And all around, life goes on in spite of everything. People meet, fall in love and even get married between the battles. In such hard times, people miss good news and simple human happiness. And what is beer? – It is a drink that brings happiness and is brewed with love for you. That’s why we decided to brew something light in these hard times. The choice fell on a light spring beer with the addition of fruit. The recipe for this beer was developed a long time ago – it was just waiting patiently for its time.

Shikma Berries

The new Berries beer is very beautiful: the delicate raspberry color blends well with a rather dense pink foam. When you fill the glass, you are immediately and magically transported to a fruit orchard. You are literally enveloped in a cloud of different aromas: raspberry, cranberry, strawberry and some very pure apple notes. The first sip takes all these aromas into the taste. Very pleasant, light fruity flavor and only in the background does the beer come out. The bitterness is light and clear, but not beer-like, fruity. The aftertaste is long, fruity…

Everyone who tasted this beer had a happy smile on their face – and that means we did it! We managed to give you a sip of real happiness, which we all miss so much…

Shikma beer

The beer should be on the shelves in the very near future. It will be sold in a package with other Shikma beers, which means that you have the chance to get to know also other brands produced by this wonderful brewery.

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