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After war

The war in Israel continues. Some border settlements have not yet returned residents, but nature does not pause for war – spring is approaching, the time for sowing. Now the sapper troops are working in the frontline zone, they are restoring roads and removing the defenses erected at the beginning of the war, but it is not enough.

Brewers have also contributed to the reconstruction of war-torn areas: Shikma Craft Brewery has released a limited-edition amber ale called Revival (תקומה). The funds raised from the sale of this beer will go towards the rebuilding of the South. A total of 48,000 bottles were produced.

The brewery has a long history of supporting Israeli businesses – for the first time in the country, in Shikma brewery, the “Israeli Malt” project was implemented. A group of agronomists, supported and financed by the brewing concern, grew domestic malting barley for the first time and made the first Israeli malt from it! All beer at Shikma is now brewed with local malt.

The label of the new beer is divided into 2 parts: one half remains unchanged; the second half is colored in blue. Thanks to Synclabel technology, each bottle will be stamped with a unique “identity card” with a QR code talking about the Revival project.

How does it work? After enjoying a wonderful תקומה amber ale, you can turn in a bottle at your nearest Cycle recycling center. For every bottle returned, Shikma Brewery will donate 4 shekels to the Leket Israel Association (לקט ישראל), which helps families in the south. Since the beginning of the war, the Leket Israel has been engaged in supplying food to southern residents and evacuated families, financial assistance, and helping to rehabilitate war victims. Those who attend can get a glass of Shikma beer at one of the 35 participating bars or order a complimentary bottle of beer through the Yango website to take home.



Map of Cycle’s raw material collection points

There is almost no family in Israel that has not been affected by this war. We are all part of it in one way or another. Some of us are at the front, others have children in the war, some of us are supporting the rear. Many of us are trying to help our country in trouble, often without publicizing it.  Shikma Craft Brewery is also doing its part to support the country and invites you to join us by raising a glass of magical amber ale תקומה!


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