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Paint our Beer!


In order to please beer lovers with a good beer, it is not enough to be a skilled brewer. It is not only necessary to brew good beer, but also to be able to sell it.

Many marketers use tried templates without straining their imagination. The Canadian brewery La Korrigane took a different route. Their marketing move was based on the claim that artists, like other people, love beer.

The marketing experts of this company carried out an original advertising campaign, during which they combined a “tasting” event with the creation of unique advertisements, each of which was drawn by hand.

To highlight the fact that La Korrigane brewery makes beer with their own hands, the founders of the campaign invited 100 artists, graphic designers, and illustrators to spend an evening in the brewery. Over a couple of beers, they each drew 10 advertisements in blank blocks placed in the local Voir newspaper, which acted as media support for the action. The next day, 1,000 copies of the newspaper went on sale at a kiosk near the brewery itself.

The campaign slogan is “Une pubite faite a la main pour des bieres faites a la main,” which can be roughly translated as “Beer with your own hands. Advertising with your own hands”.

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