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The secrets of creating new beer


There are thousands of beers in the world. Different beers: tasty and not so tasty, simple and complex flavors. Beer creation is always about creativity, years of experience and the eternal dream of creating the perfect beer – a beer that keeps up with the times. After all, our taste preferences and our idea of an ideal beer are changing, just as we are changing.

So how is the magical flavor of beer created? Beer is created step by step not by one person, but by a team. The first stone is laid by marketers. It is their professionalism and ability to determine what kind of beer people want to drink today and what they will drink tomorrow that largely determines the success of the beer being created.

These are the people who, are the envy of almost everyone in the brewery. After all, they don’t have to come to work at early morning and spend the day brewing or bottling beer. They are the ones who participate in all the presentations and other pleasant events. There is even a marketer in charge of nightlife. He drives around the pubs and drinks beer, for free, of course. His job is to check whether this beer is being poured correctly, whether the beer glasses are correct, the serving temperature, the atmosphere in the pub and other details. Well, how can you not be envious?

At the same time, no one thinks that marketers are the ones who sell beer and the company’s profit depends on them. After all, no matter how tasty beer you create, it simply won’t become famous and popular without proper sales. In case of failure, their heads are the first to fly. The process of creating a new beer starts with the sales department creating a “product map”. It describes what the new beer should be like: strength, color, what group of people it is intended for. This is often followed by a story about how special it is and, most importantly, how much it should cost. Because brewers can create beer of gold in terms of cost. And then how to sell it? And marketers also tell us about the timing of beer creation, and it often turns out that this beer “was needed yesterday”….

Then the creativity with routine begins. We need to find a malt that gives the right taste, color and aroma. One day we found a malt that was described as perfect for the beer we were developing. We started brewing, and it turned out that it gave honey tones in the aroma (this was not mentioned in the description), and “honey” was not planned in the bouquet of the new beer. I had to reject this malt…. If it is to be a one-off brew timed to a certain date, then you can choose any suitable ingredients. If, however, a new beer is to be released on a regular basis, then you have to consider whether the brewery can contain another brand of yeast or malt. This is not at all straightforward. And whether the brewery equipment can produce that beer. After all, it is one thing to brew “by hand” in the laboratory and quite another to set up mass production.

A few examples that we can already talk about. The marketing department has been given the task of “updating” an existing brand. To make it richer in flavor. And it should remain recognizable: almost the same strength, color, aroma, taste the same, but much richer. Almost half a year of continuous experimental brewing until we found the recipe. We should not forget that you can see the result of brewing not earlier than 3-4 weeks. So, we had to brew new versions continuously to get results one after the other…

Israel was flooded with cheap beer with a low alcohol content, and it was unknown where and how it was brewed. So we were given the task of brewing non-strength beer to take a place in the emerging segment. And the requirements were very hard: the beer should be tastier than competitors, low cost and, most importantly, without any flavoring additives or sugar, only selected barley malt. Our first impression was shock! After all, it’s not real! Nevertheless, we brewed it. On pure malt without a single additive, only due to changes in the brewing process.

Creating a new beer is always a creative process and, like any creativity, it is accompanied by ups and downs, discoveries and disappointments. When the beer turns out to be exactly as you intended it to be, you are happy! You realize that with your own hands you have created something that will allow people to feel the taste of happiness and give them the chance to simply enjoy life here and now!

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