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Beer Time

I’ve been wanting to write an article about this for a long time, but have stopped every time. And, to be honest, I’m still not sure if there is a time for beer? In my opinion, Beer and Time are two concepts that have always existed in parallel.

You can always drink beer, unless, of course, the goal is to get drunk. Good beer, and there is no such thing as bad beer by definition, should be treated as a work of art and simply enjoyed.

However, even for celebrations, and a get-together with a good beer is always a celebration, there is a time. The time for beer means not only the time of day, but also the time of year. On hot summer days, light lagers go well, including lagers with various fruit additives. Even better is a sour Belgian wheat beer like Hoegaarden with a slice of lemon. Many people prefer to drink a bottle of such beer on a summer day on the bank of a river or the sea, although I, who grew up on the Caspian coast, was taught from childhood to the golden rule: “On the beach – no-no!”.

Even on hot summer days, you can enjoy a thick, strong porter in the evening. Such beer is not drunk in liters and does not quench your thirst with it, it is savored like a good wine. Speaking of wine, I would like to mention a special kind of beer – barley wine. This is a special kind of strong aged beer, which is very hard to find in Israel and Russia. “Barley wine” is sometimes aged for several years, over the years it becomes more and more delicious. Such beer is served in brandy glasses.

Beer is not a drink to be drunk alone, it means communication. A medium-strength beer that is not too carbonated is suitable for a drink in a bar with friends. Beer with a high CO2 content is difficult to drink in large quantities, too strong beer can simply put you to sleep at the table, but in any case, the choice is yours.

With good company and good beer, the question of a tasty beer appetizer usually comes up. Different countries have developed their own beer appetizer traditions over the years. Few people drink soup with beer, although dry stouts harmonize perfectly with sea clam soup. If there is an opportunity to order real Bavarian sausages with lager, it will be a great choice, which will please everyone without exception.

The more bitter the beer, the more it stimulates the appetite. Chicken wings in a spicy sauce or various smoked meats are perfect for a friendly conversation with beer. If a serious dinner with a juicy steak is planned, it is better to prepare a strong Belgian ale like Leffe. The wonderful bouquet of this strong beer will emphasize all the richness of flavor of red meat. For those who prefer fish, you can recommend a light Czech pilsner with a pure, one might say joyful, flavor.

It is not necessary to prepare various specialties for beer. Very often, the will to sit down with friends for a glass of beer, happen spontaneously, from the depths of the soul. In this case, sometimes, it is easiest to order a pizza, and in the nearest super to buy a good lager. By doing so, you immediately solve several problems: time, cooking and subsequent cleanup. Guaranteed, everyone will be happy: both the guests and your wife, whom you will save from the hassle.

If you are a real beer gourmet, you will appreciate the extraordinary combination of Trappist ales with fatty, sharp cheeses. Some monasteries produce their own cheeses, which are perfectly matched to their ales – but that’s a dream…

Lunch is over. It’s time for dessert. What should we have for dessert? You can enjoy a strong fruity Kasteel Rouge or an oatmeal sweet stout. A glass of refreshing apple cider or a glass of barley wine would be great. For my part, after a hearty lunch, I recommend a glass of ever-young Guinness.

So, is there a time for beer? I guess there still is, it’s just that for every time there is his beer and for every beer there is their time….

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