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Yom Kippur 2023

Yom Kippur

One more year has passed. It has been different for everyone – a loved one has left us and a new family member has arrived. When one door closes, another opens, as they say.

Today I want to write about what is happening to us. After living for a certain number of years, we begin to notice that time changes its speed and every day it increases. Perhaps this is happening because, some of us have passed our peak and are going downhill? Maybe…

Are we running forwards or backwards? – Everything in the world is relative… We make plans, make appointments and… the Yom Kippur comes. They say that on this day ” above” plan our life for the next year: where the road we have chosen will lead us. Are we going in the right direction or have we lost our way? We can only find out by stopping to take a breath and think calmly.

In my opinion, this is the real purpose of Yom Kippur, and everything else is just trappings to help us sort ourselves out.  You can fast or not, you can spend a day in synagogue or not, the main thing is that it helps you sort yourself out. Have you been living right for the past year? Maybe someone has been wronged so badly that their life has changed and there is a chance to make things, right? It’s time to reflect on how you live your life, where your road leads and whether you are on the right path….

Dear readers of my website, I wish you all good fortunes in the coming year 5784! I wish you that misfortunes will not knock at the door of your house and you will always be surrounded by people close to you!


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