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3000 -year old beer

When did the first beer was created? What was it made of, and what did it taste like? Who was the first brewer? These questions seem to be rhetorical, but sometimes there are answers.

This is how Ninkasi beer was once brewed. It was created from recipes found during archaeological excavations in the homeland of the beer, the Middle East. Recently a beer brewed in the 1800s was raised from the bottom of the Baltic Sea, and a reader of our website sent us the story and photos of the other beer found him in the garden. This beer had been in the ground since the Second World War. However, he did not dare to try the beer itself.

The other day reported on another “historical” beer. In 1921, a burial site from the Bronze Age (1390 – 1370 BC) was discovered in Denmark. In it, in a wooden coffin were the remains of a girl. Scientists have established that the girl was 16-18 years old. Near the coffin there were found the remains of liquid, which turned out to be beer. The girl was named Egtved Girl by the museum staff.

All this time the finds were in the Danish National Museum. Recently, the museum staff decided to recreate ancient beer. Having analyzed its remains, they turned to the brewers of the Danish brewery Skands. According to the scientists, the ancient beer was brewed from wheat malt, honey, myrtle and cranberries. These ingredients were used in brewing the historic beer.

According to the Danes, the beer is quite tasty, although unusual. The museum has already started selling it for $4 to $7 a bottle.

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