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Beer and AI

Beck's Autonomous

These projects have long been discussed among brewers, but something held them back. Perhaps they subconsciously realized that this would be one of their last bastions. We are talking about entrusting artificial intelligence to create Beer.

AI, commonly referred to as “Artificial Intelligence”, has already burst into our lives. More and more companies at first timidly, but then more freely try to apply AI and ChatGPT. AI developers are actively hiring writers with degrees in humanities. They will train AI… to write books.

The first of the brewers to break out were the Americans. They created an IPA at Detroit’s Atwater Brewery using a recipe written by GPT Chat. Of course, it wasn’t easy at all, but the beer was brewed. And it’s said to be pretty good. The new IPA contains three varieties of malt and… eight brands of hops! Another brewery, Whistle Buoy Brewing Company from Victoria, British Columbia has also created a beer based on a GPT chat recipe, but these AI-created beers brands have not been widely popularized…

German beer brand Beck’s has embarked on an ambitious beer creation project – it has engaged ChatGPT not only to create the recipe, but also to participate in other parts of the project: packaging, name, advertising campaign and website design. The futuristic beer Beck’s created was named Autonomous. Beck’s Brewery was established in the German city of Bremen in 1873, and this year it celebrates its 150th anniversary. It was for this significant date that a new beer was created by artificial intelligence.

The new Beck’s Autonomous is a lager packaged in cans with an original futuristic design. The packaging reads, “The beer that made itself!”. The box of beer even has a talking robotic voice and a flashing green light when opened. When the box is opened, the sensor-activated voice introduces Beck’s Autonomous in a futuristic manner and says: “This is how I came into the world, and now I’m here to give you a taste of the future. I’m Beck’s Autonomous, and I say cheers!” Voice activation occurs when the box is opened in the dark. Inside the box is a 250ml metal can containing beer. It is covered with a black, voluminous material, beautiful but making it difficult to spill beer from such a can.

Unlike Beck’s mild flagship lager, this beer has a sharper hop bitterness (a new trend in beer fashion). A total of 150 samples of the original beer in new packaging were made for sampling. The recipe of Beck’s Autonomous is still a secret.

Beck's Autonomous

Beck's Autonomous

P.S. From IsraBeer: I’m not a retrograde and I don’t think of my work without a computer, but… I believe that “Beer is the art of creating flavor!” And a brewer always puts his soul, a part of his life into the creation of a new beer, otherwise it will be nothing. And what is the soul of Chat GPT? – Only the information that was put into it….


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