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Eco-friendly beer bottle

A hundred years after the Industrial Revolution had begun, people were starting to realize that the benefits it brought had a backside. We can enjoy all the benefits of civilization, but we can also think about what kind of world we are leaving to our next generations?

We try to organize all our household garbage, we put it in colorful bins, but it’s not enough. The Carlsberg brewery, which has always been known for its innovations, has taken the path of a radical solution to the problem. It was at Carlsberg that the international program “Together for Zero” was launched, including a commitment to zero carbon dioxide emissions in its breweries.

One of the parts of this global project is the creation of ecological packaging for beer. The project began in 2015, and in June 2019 the first tests of a “paper” beer bottle were officially announced.

Now the Carlsberg Group has begun testing the new bottle in eight different countries. The bottled beer is also “environmentally friendly” – it is brewed from “organic and regenerative barley”.

The new fiber bottle includes a lining made of plant-based polymer PEF, which was developed by Carlsberg’s partner Avantium. According to a representative of the concern, PEF is made entirely from natural raw materials, is compatible with plastic recycling systems and can decompose in nature.

“In addition to the benefits of eco-friendly packaging, PEF functions as a highly effective barrier between the beer and the outer fiber shell, protecting the taste and effervescence of the beer better than conventional fossil-fueled PET plastic,” Carlsberg said.

The outer shell of the bottle, produced by the packaging company Paboco, consists of wood fiber and is also bio-based.

Stefan Munk, vice president of group development at Carlsberg, said: “Defining and producing PEF as a competent functional barrier for beer has been one of our most challenging tasks – so getting good test results, cooperation with suppliers and the kind of bottles bottled on the line is a great achievement”.

Except for the cap, the bottle is 100% bio-based. Carlsberg and his partners are exploring alternative options for fiber-based bottle caps, and a general solution is expected in 2023.

Of course, you could say that the ideal packaging for beer is opaque glass (I think so too), but we also need to think about the future…

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