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Minister of Pubs


The news is old, and I found it while searching through the archives. And immediately the question arose: what was the end of this initiative?..

The consumer union CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) has written an official letter to the Prime Minister of Great Britain. It recommends to the head of the government the creation of a new post of “Minister of the Pubs”. This very peculiar letter describes in detail the vital role of pubs in the economic, social and cultural life of the nation.

The candidates for the position, Greg Mulholland and Nigel Evans, were also proposed. Greg Mulholland was chosen as MP of the Year in 2010 and chaired the parliamentary group CAMRA for the preservation of pubs.

CAMRA executive director Mike Benner said: “The fact that the new prime minister decided to enjoy a pint at his local community pub on election night is a very good sign. And we hope that the new government will include a pub minister as well. There are no fewer than six government agencies that have a strong influence on the existence of English pubs. And it would be advisable to concentrate their management in the hands of the Minister of Pubs”.

“The CAMRA movement will be asking all of its 110,000 members to contact the prime minister in support of the appointment of a pub minister,” Mike Benner added.

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