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The first Israeli beer news portal in Israel. Founded in 2008. All about beer, accessible and professional.

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Beer from the bag

Beer from bags

Quickly, quickly, how much more there is to do. No time for books, no time to write letters, you can send an email, etc. We make breakfast in the microwave, tea from tea bags, and soup, often too…

All this is the price we pay for the benefits of civilization. This price includes many other things, but today we would like to talk about beer. Beer, which has survived for thousands of years. It has been with us all this time because of the love that has always surrounded its preparation.

Once, due to the duty of my colleagues and I had to stay for quite a long time in a very good hotel with excellent cuisine. For the first month we were delighted, but then we just forced ourselves to eat, we were so fed up with everything. Although at home we had an incomparably more sparing menu, and it did not bother us. So, what was the secret? Probably the same Love that our wives and mothers cook at home, just like Beer, which cannot be brewed without true love.

Another marketing “giants” offers us to drink beer made… directly in a glass from bags, like tea bags. Save your time and drink instant beer from the bags! Like tea from bags. Some people stay up all night inventing new unusual recipes and stand by the beer boiling tanks and watch the young beer fermentation to make sure it doesn’t overheat or overcool. Designers match each beer with a different shape of glass, emphasizing all the features of this brand, and someone suggests just throwing a bag in an aluminum mug and drink this “beer”, or maybe it’s not even beer at all..?

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