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First brew celebration

29-years anniversary

Yesterday, the Israeli Carlsberg celebrated the 29th anniversary of the first beer brewing. We celebrated this event a day earlier – we decided to postpone it because it was a day holiday. Everything was rather modest, without the company’s usual grandeur – there is a war going on. The CEO made a speech, we congratulated those who had retired this year. Then I said a few words about the beer brewed for this date, we raised a toast to Victory and the return of the hostages home, and parted company.

I want to tell you about this beer today. For many years I have been brewing beer for this important date, each time according to a special recipe, and for each beer I come up with a small description. This year, because of the war that has been going on for many days now, I didn’t want to brew anything – I wasn’t in the mood, and you can’t brew good beer without it. And in the first weeks, because of the constant rocket’s attacks on Ashkelon, it was not realistic. The war continues even now – there is no end in sight and soon, maybe, we will have to fight in the North…

It’s not the first time I’ve worked under fire at Carlsberg in Israel – beer and juices are always drunk, even in the toughest of times. And I was reminded that this year, despite everything, we should brew an “anniversary” beer. And I was broken… The image of the new beer appeared unexpectedly: it should be a beer about the unbroken hope in our hearts and necessarily with the bitterness of our losses. The name came immediately: Red Sunrise. Once upon a time, in past wars, these words (שחר אדום) had announced missile attack.

Instead of the expected red color, the beer turned out a juicy orange hue. Light pleasant wheat sourness and clear malt flavor. The combination of two types of hops with citrus aroma gave freshness and added sunniness to the beer. All of this is underscored by a not strong, but clear bitterness that was sort of like outlining the black pencil contours of this beer. The same bitterness of our losses that will always stay in our hearts…

Red Sunrise beer

Such a sad celebration of the first brew turned out to be this year… For the next anniversary it will be necessary to brew “Victory” beer for sure!

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