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International Beer Day 2023


Today is my holiday – International Beer Day. It is traditionally celebrated all over the world on the first Friday of August. For some reason, not many people in Israel know about it…

Beer Celebration… Some people may find it funny, but maybe they just haven’t found their beer yet or haven’t come across a beer that can be compared to a work of art. After all, it is not for nothing that they say that Brewing is the art of creating a taste! And usually in each beer its brewer puts a part of his soul and gets more spiritually rich, because the more you give to people, the more you have in return!

Why has the popularity of this drink only grown over the years? Probably because it is different in taste, color, strength, aroma and at the same time majestic. Beer stands a little outside the hustle and bustle, wars, politics, languages, national borders and as if to say: “Everything passes… and this will also pass”.

For all its majesty, beer is absolutely democratic, which is probably one of the main secrets of its popularity. It connects us, gives us happiness and makes us better! Happy holiday to you, people!

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