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Shikma smoky ale

Smoky ale

Israeli craft brewery Shikma has released a limited edition of a new beer – Smoky Ale. The beer is very beautiful, it has a fine-grained, persistent foam and good body with a relatively low alcohol content of only 5.1%.

Very unusual new beer has a strong smoky aroma, which after the first sip turns into a smoky taste and fills the whole mouth. The flavor of the beer is smooth, without failures, it seems to be covered with a light smoke coating, so the beer is very soft and pleasant to drink. A rather high bitterness disappears at the beginning and reappears after you have finished drinking. It brings out all the complex flavor components of this unusual beer with a subtle chisel.

This beer was born in pain – few people believed that such a beer would be liked. The fact is that smoked beer is not popular in Israel, to say the least. This is probably due to our hot Mediterranean climate and the food that corresponds to it, and such beer needs Меat!

On the shelves of stores, you can find the classic of this kind of beer – German smoked beer from Bamberg Schlenkerla, but because of its very bright flavor many people simply do not perceive it. Therefore, during the development of the new beer we set a goal to create a delicious smoked beer that would appeal not only to beer fanatics, but also to ordinary beer lovers. During brewing we changed the amount of smoked malt several times, increasing or decreasing the degree of “smoky flavor” of the beer. Finally, the “golden mean” was found! Even the strongest opponents of this brew said: “Good beer!”

Smoky Ale was first introduced at the Tel Aviv Festival last year, where it received unanimous approval from beer lovers. Marketers gave their approval for commercial brewing only a year later. It was a long wait, but it was worth it, and as a result Israeli beer lovers received a worthy gift on New Year’s Eve – a new smoked beer “Shikma Smoky Ale”.

Happy New 5784 Year to you, friends!

Smoky ale

Smoky ale

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